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Our Vision


Our Aim

To prevent child deaths from unintentional injury and reduce the severity of unintentional injury to children aged 0-14 years

Our Mission

To take a leadership role in child injury prevention through education, research, advocacy and strategic partnerships

Kidsafe New South Wales Inc

Kidsafe HouseKidsafe New South Wales Inc. is located at Kidsafe House, in the grounds of The Children's Hospital at Westmead. Kidsafe House is a child safety demonstration house and playspace and provides a great opportunity for parents, carers, students, health and industry professionals to gain a better understanding of safety in and around the home.


Kidsafe NSW provides support, information and resources across four key safety areas:

Kidsafe Australia

Kidsafe Australia is the trading name of the Child Accident Prevention Foundation of Australia. It was founded in 1979 by a group of health, legal and business professionals focused on the prevention of accidental injuries to children.

As a non-government not-for-profit charity organisation, Kidsafe is internationally regarded as a leader in injury prevention and has relationships with government, research and advocacy organisations around the world, including the Child Accident Prevention Trust in the United Kingdom, and Safekids Worldwide, including partner organisations across the globe.

Kidsafe works at the national level with partners, such as government departments, industry bodies, education providers, health professionals, the media, community groups and voluntary organisations, to address child safety  injury issues.

Click here to visit the Kidsafe website: kidsafe.com.au

Kidsafe National Website