Guidelines for linking to the Kidsafe NSW website

You are welcome to put links on your website pointing to the Kidsafe NSW website.

We request that you adopt the following guidelines to linking:

  • Links to the Kidsafe NSW website should be to the home page.
  • Linking to other parts of the site poses some risk, as the page or service to which you link may move or become unavailable.
  • The correct name for the site is Kidsafe NSW.
  • The Kidsafe logo may only be used with permission from Kidsafe.
What we do not allow

Under Australian and International law, the material on our website, including all pages, graphics and services, is subject to copyright. You must not:

  • unlawfully use any of our copyright material; or
  • pass off content from our site as your own.
Republishing material from our site

If you wish to republish any material from Kidsafe NSW's site you must seek written permission, unless material is marked otherwise.


The content of Kidsafe NSW publications is subject to strict copyright and all rights are reserved. No part of these publications may be reproduced, copied, stored, distributed or transmitted in any form, or by any means, including photocopying, scanning, or other mechanical or electronic methods without the prior written permission of Kidsafe NSW. To seek permission, please contact the Executive Officer 02 9845 0890 or email

Use of Kidsafe Logo

The Kidsafe logo cannot be used or reproduced without permission from CAPFA (Child Accident Prevention Foundation of Australia). If you wish to submit a sponsorship proposal which may include permission to use logo, please contact the Executive Officer 02 9845 0890 or email

Who might Kidsafe NSW link to

Under some circumstances, Kidsafe NSW will  place links to other sites on our website. such as professional bodies, government and regulatory entities, and key stakeholders.

How to get a link placed on the Kidsafe NSW site

To get a link placed on our site, please contact us by calling 02 9845 0890 or email