Our Team

Kidsafe NSW - NSW Office (located at Westmead)

Christine Erskine - Executive OfficerChristine Erskine—Executive Officer

Christine has qualifications in adult and community education. Prior to taking up her position in January 2008, she managed a range of programs across NSW aimed at providing education and training opportunities to a diverse range of clients including isolated parents, youth at risk, vocational childcare and office administration students. She has been involved in public health advocacy and community health campaigns.  

Vicki Milne—Project Officer, Road Safety

With qualifications in education, Vicki has worked for many years in the public sector across a range of portfolios including administration, management and public education. Vicki’s main area of focus is providing information to parents and carers on correct choice and usage of child restraints in vehicles. 


Belinda Aussel—Administration Officer

Belinda has worked in administrative positions in both government and private sectors. She takes pride in her customer service and organisational skills, and is dedicated to assist in the prevention of unintentional death and serious injury to children.


VIPVicky Paranomos—Volunteer

Vicky has been a volunteer at Kidsafe NSW for over 10 years and is a valuable asset particularly when assisting with the annual Pregnancy, Babies and Children’s Expo and mail outs. 



Kidsafe NSW Playground Advisory Unit Team

The Playground Advisory Unit at Kidsafe NSW offers a range of services including inspections, workshops, playground design information, plans review or construction and maintenance advice.


Kim Cooke - Manager

Kim has had involvement in the design and development of outdoor play spaces with a specific interest in creating opportunities for mindfulness for children, through the use of exploration in natural play spaces. Kim has extensive experience in Local Government across all Education and Care Service types. Kim is enthused to supporting and continue to develop valued partnerships with the community and playspace stakeholders, to create amazing, inclusive and safe play spaces for everyone. ‚Äč