Kidsafe NSW promotes child injury prevention and education in an effort to preserve and protect the lives of our children.

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Welcome to the Kidsafe NSW information webpages “Ages and Stages”. This site has been specifically designed to assist parents, carers, teachers and allied health professionals access information about developmental stages, appropriate activities and resources to promote healthy lifestyles for children 5 – 14 years.

Childhood is a period when the foundations for health and well being are established. It is a time of intense development when a young child transitions to adolescence undergoing rapid emotional, physical and intellectual growth.

The focus of the information is linked to the current issues of concern around children’s health, that is, overweight and obesity, and insufficient physical activity. Kidsafe NSW highlights popular recreational activities such as walking and riding, organised sport and water-based play, as well as passive pastimes such as socialising via the internet. Advice on safe, creative play and recreation are balanced alongside suggestions on potential risks and hazard minimisation.

The information is supported by an extensive selection of additional resources and contacts. To navigate the “Ages and Stages” website go to the following pages:

I can do this!

5-8 years
5-8 years old

School Rules!

9-11 years
9-11 years old

Keen Teens!

12-14 years
12-14 years old

Ages and Stages has been developed with support and funding provided by NSW Ministry of Health.

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