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Safety Alert- Teething Necklace Safety – Avoid strangulation or choking

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28 Aug 2015

Teething necklaces are products designed as jewellery with an additional function of being a teether for young children to chew on during the teething process. It is well known that teething can be a painful process and pressure on the baby’s teeth from chewing may relieve the pain.

Teething necklaces generally consist of silicone or other chewable material beads advertised as jewellery to be worn by mum and suitable for babies to chew on. Teething necklaces can generally be found on-line or at weekend markets.


Choking or strangulation

Although a teething necklace is an attractive piece of jewellery for mum to wear it may pose a serious choking hazard or strangulation risk to a toddler.

Strangulation may occur if the child wears the necklace around their neck and is left unsupervised. Also, as teething necklaces may not meet the requirements of a teether as stipulated in Australian Standard AS/NZS ISO 8124.1:2002, they pose a choking hazard if mouthed by the child while unsupervised.

Regardless of any labelling attached to a teething necklace warning of associated risks, the marketing of a necklace as suitable for a child to play with raises concern as to the foreseeable misuse of the product, potentially leading to choking or strangulation.


This warning has been issued after ACCC testing of various products indicated that some teething necklaces would fail the mandatory requirements for teethers.

Suppliers and legal advice

It is recommended that suppliers seek their own legal advice in relation to the application of the mandatory standard as to the marketing and use of a teething necklace.

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Source: Product Safety Australia