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Safety Alert- ACCC Poisons Report

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15 Apr 2016

Product Safety Australia is reminding the public about the ACCC's Poisons Report which was released in March 2016.
The report is an analysis of calls received by the Poisons Information Centre.

Poisoning or injury from chemical exposure is a major cause of accidental death and injury to Australian children under 5 years of age.

Calls made to poisons information centres are a valuable source of data that can help identify common risk factors in consumer product related chemical exposures and poisonings.

The data collected by the NSW Poisons Information Centre (PIC) represents approximately half of Australia’s poisons related calls as they receive calls from NSW, Tasmania and the ACT on a full time basis, and from all around Australia after hours as part of the national PIC roster.  The data provides a good representation of national trends.

For more information see The Poisons Call Data Analytical Report.

To read the information from Product Safety Australia, click here.

Source and image source: Product Safety Australia.