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Safety Alert- Wheatbags- New Standards to Heat Your Wheat

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10 Jun 2016

Wheat bags have long been used in Australian households to provide relief for minor aches and pains, but if used incorrectly, they can cause burn injuries and house fires.

NSW Fair Trading and Standards Australia have today launched new standards to protect consumers from dodgy design, poor manufacturing and confusing or misleading instructions.

The new standards apply to all heat packs which contain organic filling and includes products aimed at children, such as plush toys with a removable heat pack.

The standards are voluntary, but consumers who purchase products adhering to the new standards can have more confidence that the design, manufacture and heating instructions ensure that the product will not cause a contact burn or catch fire, when used correctly.

NSW Fair Trading will also be contacting suppliers and major retailers to encourage adoption of the standard.

NSW Fire and Rescue Commissioner, Greg Mullins, has welcomed the new standards. "We have responded to numerous residential fires due to wheat bags being heated for too long in the microwave, or being used inappropriately to warm bedding materials.

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Source: Product Safety Australia