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Safety Alert- 2,300km of dangerous Infinity electrical cable remains in homes

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16 Jun 2016

Product Safety Australia is once again reminding consumers that thousands of homes across Australia still have faulty Infinity electrical cabling installed, despite recalls of all Infinity cables announced almost two years ago.

This dangerous cable could become prematurely brittle and break when placed under stress near heat sources and roof access areas, which may lead to electric shock or a fire if the cables are disturbed by tradespeople or home owners.

“There is a significant risk of serious injury or death for the many Australians whose households had unsafe Infinity electrical cable installed from 2010 in NSW and 2011 or 2012 elsewhere in Australia,” ACCC Deputy Chair Delia Rickard said.

“Unless remediated, it is estimated that Infinity cable in NSW will start cracking this year and in other jurisdictions from next year. Home owners that have had any electrical work done since 2010 should contact the electrician or builder responsible for the work and ask them if they used Infinity cable or to inspect their work if they are not sure.”

To read the Product Safety Australia warning, click here.

Source: Product Safety Australia

Image Source: Product Safety Australia