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Safety Alert- Choke Check – the DIY safety tool for choking and ingestion hazards

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2 Jul 2014

Do you have or care for children under 3 years old? Get the ACCC's free do-it-yourself Choke Check tool to help you identify toys and other objects that can pose choking or ingestion hazards.

The ACCC have available a free free do-it-yourself Choke Check tool  to assist in the identification of potential choking hazards for children aged under 3 years.

You may be surprised at what common household items children could choke on. Things like buttons, keys, coins and hair ties are all a risk. But there are also many more.

This is where the Choke Check can help. Follow the instructions in the file to create your own Choke Check cylinder. Anything that fits totally inside the top end of the Choke Check cylinder could become lodged in a child’s throat and choke them.

To view the safety alert including the instructional clip for making your Choke Check cylinder, click here.

Source: Product Safety Australia