Free car seat checks

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28 Apr 2022

Kidsafe has teamed up with @Transurban to check your car seat for FREE at selected locations.
✨ Book in your free 15 minute car seat check during National Road Safety Week (May 15-22), to give you peace of mind next time you hit the road and walk away with a FREE sun shade.
To book in visit:

Why  should I check my ride?

Car seats can be tricky to install, and it's estimated that more than 50% of child restraints aren't fitted correctly. We know that a correctly fitted seat can significantly reduce the risk of children getting injured in an accident, so that's why it's best to leave it to the experts and get your seat fitted by a professional.

Book in for a free car seat check and Kidsafe experts will check for any problems with your car seats, fix installation issues, and if needed, teach you how to use your seats correctly to ensure your child travels safely every time, every trip.

To book in visit: