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November 2017
21 Nov 2017

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New Australian Design Rules for anchor points in vehicles for child car seats

A recent change to the Australian Design Rules (ADR) spells out new vehicle requirements for both top tether anchor points and lower anchorage fittings, also known as ISOFIX. 

Child car seat accredited training – limited spaces remaining -register now!

Kidsafe NSW offers a child car seat course that provides the knowledge and skills to select, adjust and install suitable child car restraints for transporting children. 

Warning about children’s earrings

There have been numerous reports of children in NSW going to the doctor because of small earrings becoming stuck in their pierced earlobes. 

Unsecured button batteries

Button batteries are about the size of a 10 cent piece and can be found in many children’s toys, game, torches, musical greeting cards and calculators. 

Buying Christmas gifts (infographic)

Christmas is a festive and joyous season for many families, particularly when presents are involved! 

Outdoor water safety

Water play is a great way to keep active yet stay cool. 

Product recalls

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