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July 2018
18 Jul 2018

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Welcome Shawn!

The Kidsafe NSW Playground Advisory Unit is excited to welcome Shawn Little to the team. Shawn is a Landscape Architect with an interest in biophilic design* and free public domain. With experience in private practice and local government, Shawn brings a wealth of experience in the development of spaces for children and young people. Shawn is committed to the importance of play in every child’s life and creating freely accessible, caring, engaging and active places for everyone.

*based on the biophilia hypothesis to have an innate love for and seek out connections with nature and other forms of life. 

2018 Kidsafe National Playspace Design Awards

The 2018 Kidsafe National Playspace Design Awards (the Awards) recognise excellence and innovation in the provision of safe, creative playspaces. The Awards are open to playground owners, service providers, design professionals, students, and landscapers from across Australia.

A great opportunity to showcase playspace design in action! 

Standards Update

The Kidsafe NSW Playground Advisory Unit provides information about play and children’s safety on Australian Standards including: 

Comprehensive Playground Inspection Services

The Kidsafe NSW Playground Advisory Unit is available to conduct comprehensive playground inspections for both existing playgrounds and playgrounds post installation. 

Clothing/Hair (Toggle) Entrapment

According to the ACCC cords and toggles on children’s clothing may become entrapped in small gaps whilst: using play equipment, exiting transport (such as buses) and when placed in nursery furniture (such as cots). 

Rocks and Boulders - LOVE THEM!

Children are born climbers. Climbing keeps them fit, motivated and engaged for hours. The benefits can include:- 

Timber in Playspaces

Kidsafe NSW receives numerous enquiries every month about appropriate timber for use in playspaces. Playground owners and operators often receive conflicting information about the types of timber suitable for use in playgrounds. 

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