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Holiday Edition 2018!
18 Dec 2018

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Christmas message!

Christmas toy safety

Toys are an important part of childhood, helping children learn and develop, as well as entertaining them. Unfortunately, some toys can be dangerous. Poorly constructed toys or toys that are inappropriate for your child’s age and level of development can lead to tragic results. 

Safe holiday travel

School holidays are a great time to pile in the car and seek an adventure! Be sure to plan to drive at times when you would normally be awake and alert to ensure you arrive safely. 

Sun safety

Summer is here and a great time to be outside enjoying a picnic or visiting playgrounds, parks and pools! 

Covering prams

A number of experts, including Red Nose and the Cancer Council, warn against covering children in prams with fabrics that don’t allow adequate ventilation. 

Essential oils

Essential oils are extracted volatile oils from plants. These oils can have some of the properties of plants, including the scent and can be used making perfumes and in aromatherapy treatments. 

Hot cars

Did you know on a typical Australian summer day, the temperature inside a parked car can be 30 - 40 degrees hotter than the outside temperature? Most of the increase of temperature occurs within five minutes of closing the car. 

Outdoor water safety

Water play is a great way to keep active yet stay cool. 

Indoor trampoline park

Jumping on a trampoline is great fun and good exercise. School holidays can be a time that families enjoy this type of activity at indoor trampoline parks. 

Better labelling on child car seats

Did you know that up to 60% of child car seats are not being used correctly? 

Changes to tenant laws

Baby walkers


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