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Welcome to 2020
7 Jan 2020

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Welcome to 2020!

Welcome to a new year and new decade! Our team is back on board for an exciting year and ready to assist you.

Our thoughts are with those affected by the devastating fires. Thank you to the fire fighters, emergency service volunteers and everyone providing critical support and services during this very difficult time. 

Comprehensive Inspection Vs Compliance Certification

Kidsafe NSW often receives requests for a compliance inspection or certification of a playground, post installation, to prove that a playground and or installation complies with the relevant Australian Standards.

Certification or statements of compliance for playground equipment and surfacing are issued by a certifying engineer or testing house contracted by the playground equipment manufacturer and surfacing supplier. Tests are performed and recorded as prescribed in the Australian Standards. 

Cool Playgrounds Research Program

Since 2017, Western Sydney University is running their Cool Playgrounds research program. The aim of the program is to reduce heat loads in outdoor play spaces and prevent related injuries. Lead investigator Dr Sebastian Pfautsch, Senior Lecturer in Urban Studies, and his team, have looked at public playgrounds and play spaces in early learning centres where they have documented alarmingly high temperatures. In some instances, surface temperatures exceeded 100 degrees C, clearly presenting a burn hazard. 

How Hot Is Too Hot To Play?

Do you know the signs of heat related illness? Temperatures in excess of 40 degrees C are considered extremely high, significantly exceeding normal body temperature. Such temperatures, being felt across the country, place everyone ¨C especially children at significant risk. If you have any concerns contact your local health professional, child and family health nurses or call Health Direct on 1800 022 0222. 

Monkeying Around!

Monkey bars are more than just great playground equipment, they are a fun way to improve posture and strength. Monkey bars offer a high degree of challenge for children of all ages, a challenge they never grow out of. Whilst learning to swing from rung to rung is difficult and can be full of frustration, it also provides the opportunity to develop perseverance and a great sense of accomplishment once the child has made it from one side to the other. 

Natural Elements in Playspaces

When children and nature mix, something magical happens ¨C every child deserves that Magic!¡¬ Marghanita Hughes - children¡¯s book author

The importance of creating a natural play environment is essential for children¡®s development. It can assist with developing children¡®s imaginative and social skills; encourages a greater level of physical activity; and allows them to experience and deal with moderate risks. Natural environments encourage children to explore and interact with the natural world and use their imagination to invent new play experiences. 

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