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Winter 2020
1 Jul 2020

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Importance of play

Ready, Set, Play – getting ready for when the whistle blows!

Community based children’s sport and cultural activities have resumed! 


With Winter School Holiday just around the corner, many families enjoy time together while camping. 

Cold weather clothing and child car seats

With winter now here, we are pulling on our winter jackets to keep warm. To keep our children safe when travelling in motor vehicles it is important to remove any thick, bulky items of clothing before they are seated in the child car seat. 

Fire safety in the home

Steam inhalation and COVID-19

Hand sanitiser

Did you know that that even a small amount of alcohol-based hand sanitiser can be harmful for young children and babies, if ingested? 

Automated vehicles online survey

New safety standard for projectile toys

Banned high power magnets

2020 Kidsafe National Playspace Design Awards

The Kidsafe National Playspace Design Awards (the Awards) recognise excellence and innovation in the provision of safe, creative playspaces. 

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