Kidsafe NSW Inc. Newsletter
September 2020
23 Sep 2020

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Safe Barriers Save Lives

Water safety in the home

Anchoring furniture

Serious injury and death to small children can be prevented by securing furniture to walls and floors. 

Quad bike fatalities

Electricity safety

Electricity makes our lives easier, but it can also be dangerous. 

Water safety in the garden

Trampoline safety during school holidays

Jumping on a trampoline is great fun and good exercise. School holidays can be a time that families enjoy this type of activity at both a home and indoor trampoline parks. 

Kidsafe NSW Council – Thank you!

Staying connected and metally well

Award to Barbara Geens – button batteries

Standards Awards are presented to those who have made significant contributions to enable Standards Australia to attain its objectives. 

Invitation to families to participate in important COVID-19 research

Are you a parent or a carer of a child 8 years or younger? 

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