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April 2014
2 Apr 2014

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On behalf of Kidsafe NSW I am pleased to announce the appointment of Kay Lockhart as the Manager of the Kidsafe NSW Playground Advisory Unit (PAU). For over 6 years, Kay's focus has been on play, risk benefit play and natural elements in playgrounds. She is passionate and committed to the safety of children, planning of safe play environments and providing up to date information to the industry. Kay provides her welcome message below - Christine Erskine, Executive Officer. 

A Message from Kay

I am excited to be appointed as the Manager of the Kidsafe NSW Playground Advisory Unit (PAU). I look forward to continuing to develop the unit and the team, strengthen and create partnerships and build upon the service component. 

Kay Lockhart
Kay Lockhart
Angela Marton
Angela Marton
Bev Boland
Bev Boland


The Australian Standard for Playground Equipment (AS 4685) has been revised and is due for publication in the upcoming weeks.

Trees in Playgrounds

Trees are an important part of our world. They offer a wide range of benefits to the environment, provide tremendous beauty, essential shade and wonderful play opportunities in playgrounds. While every tree (or part of a tree) has the potential to fall, only a small number actually hit something or someone.

Regular tree care will help identify hazardous trees and the risk they present. Once the hazard is recognised, steps may be taken to reduce the likelihood of the tree falling and injuring someone or damaging property. 

Mulch for Gardens and Playgrounds

The Kidsafe NSW Playground Advisory Unit regularly receives enquiries about suitable mulch options for areas where children garden and play.

Mulch is a natural, recycled and sustainable by-product of waste material from plantation trees or products such as hay or sugarcane. However, there is a difference between the mulch that you place in gardens and the type designed to help protect children at play.

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