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July 2014
9 Jul 2014

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AS 4685:2014 - Playground Equipment and Surfacing - What you need to know!

AS 4685 Parts 1 to 6 have recently been revised to follow internationally recognised risk management strategies and Australian requirements and practices. 

2014 Kidsafe National Playspace Design Awards

Kidsafe is proud to announce the launch of the 2014 Kidsafe National Playspace Design Awards to recognise excellence and innovation in the provision of safe, creative playspaces. The Awards are open to service providers, design professionals, students, landscape contractors and playground providers from across Australia. This is a great opportunity to showcase playspace design and development. 

Cords, Drawstring and Toggle Entrapment

Hazards associated with cords, drawstrings and toggles on children's clothing and hats.

The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) issued voluntary guidelines for suppliers in June 2011 for the removal of cords, drawstrings and toggles from the manufacturing of children's clothing. These guidelines follow both the United States and the European Union, who have had voluntary standards in place for a number of years. 


There are many varieties of bamboo that are ideal for use in playspaces. Over the years, there has been many horror stories of the invasion of bamboo from the planting of inappropriate varieties such as Phyllostachys aurea (Golden Bamboo) and Phyllostachys nigra (Black Bamboo). In fact, there are many more varieties of bamboo that are perfect for residential planting than varieties of bamboo that are known to invade gardens, bushland and wastelands. 

Rocks and Boulders - LOVE THEM!

Children are born climbers. Climbing keeps them motivated and engaged for hours. Encouraging children to climb over rocks and boulders:
• Improves coordination, agility and balance;
• Develops muscles through the use of both gross and fine motor skills;
• Enhances problem solving skills, sense of adventure and creativity skills:
• Increases mental focus through exploring various routes of difficulty; and,
• Engages children in social and cooperative play. 


This section on the Kidsafe NSW website is specifically designed to assist parents, educators, teachers and allied health professionals access information about developmental stages, appropriate activities and resources to promote healthy lifestyles for children 5 – 14 years. 

Kidsafe NSW Playground Advisory Unit

Services include:
• Phone Information
• Comprehensive Inspections
• Review of Playground Plans
• Design Recommendations
• Playground Safety and Inspection Workshops
• Playground Presentations 

Kay Lockhart - Manager
Kay Lockhart - Manager
Angela Marton - Project Officer
Angela Marton - Project Officer
Bev Boland - Project Officer
Bev Boland - Project Officer

NSW Health: SMOKE FREE Legislation – A Reminder!

From 7 January 2013, smoking is banned within 10 metres of children’s play equipment in outdoor public places in NSW.

The Act applies to children’s play equipment in local parks and reserves as well as play equipment at fast food outlets, eateries, sporting venues and licensed premises. 

Trampoline safety – It's flippin' important

An estimated eight kids a day are injured by trampolines in Australia, and hundreds of Australian children are taken to hospital every year for trampoline-related injuries.

Children aged between five and nine are most likely to suffer these injuries. The leading cause of injuries is falling from a trampoline. 

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