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Kidsafe News October 2012
26 Oct 2012

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A message from the Executive Officer

At Kidsafe NSW our focus is to work with those caring for children to alert them to potential hazards in and around the home and whilst at play. We support parents, carers and educators in their role to provide a safe environment for young ones. 

National Kidsafe Day - 23rd October 2012

National Kidsafe Day aims to increase awareness of unintentional childhood injuries and their prevention, as well as the valuable work of Kidsafe - the Child Accident Prevention Foundation of Australia, in public education, advocacy and research into the causes and prevention of unintentional childhood injury.

Celebrating National Kidsafe Day 2012

As part of National Kidsafe Day 2012, Kidsafe NSW hosted the award ceremony for the Kidsafe 2012 National Playspace Design Awards. The ceremony was attended by Her Excellency Ms Quentin Bryce AC CVO, Governor-General of the Commonwealth of Australia, in her role as Kidsafe's patron. 

Supporting National Kidsafe Day

Volkswagen Australia has shown its support for National Kidsafe Day 2012, with the release of an independent report into Australian road safety habits.

The Volkswagen Safer Roads Report surveyed 1250 Australian parents and grandparents, and the results suggest a greater emphasis on road safety is needed.

Nearly one quarter (22 percent) of respondents admitted to allowing children to travel unrestrained in their vehicle. 

The Wiggles support National Kidsafe Day!

A big thanks to The Wiggles for their contribution to National Kidsafe Day- a great road safety song, 'Beep, Beep, Buckle Up.' Good luck getting it out of your head!!!!! 

Driveway safety

Every year children are admitted to hospitals with severe injuries from low speed vehicle run overs. In some cases these injuries are fatal. Most low speed vehicle run over incidents involve a parent, relative or friend. Very young children are at greatest risk with most killed or injured being under 5years of age. 

Coin-sized lithium button batteries

Inside small electronic devices may be very powerful coin-sized button batteries. When swallowed, these batteries can get stuck in the throat and cause severe burns or death. 

Quad bikes

Quad bikes, sometimes called four wheeled bikes or all terrain vehicles (ATVs) are a leading cause of injury on farms. Quad bikes are not stable and have been involved in many injuries and deaths mostly in roll-over situations. 

Travelling on airplanes with children

Flying with infants and children can be overwhelming. Below are a few tips to consider when planning to travel with children on a plane: 

Storage of medicines and poisons

Parents are often surprised to learn that they have many poisonous substances at home and also the speed at which their child can get hold of them. Young children have been known to eat and swallow foul-tasting, dangerous substances. 

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