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May 2015
6 May 2015

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Research for Playground Development

If you are planning to install a new playground or upgrade an existing playground it is extremely important to do some research. Research will enable you to make informed decisions about the playground with the ultimate outcome being a safe, engaging and challenging playground created for the intended users. 

Finger Entrapment and Crush Hazards

Playground manufacturers including those who create custom built items need to be aware of the potential to create finger entrapment and finger crush hazards in playground equipment. 

Tunnels of Fun - Play Inside a Mound!

Mounds can add a three dimensional aspect to a play area that maybe otherwise flat, introducing a pleasing feature resembling a natural hill, or may just fit perfectly within an existing setting. The addition of a mound can have an effect of actually creating more space and potential for play - be it creative, physical or outdoor social and imaginative role play. While mounds can be great for running or climbing over, the addition of a tunnel through a mound can introduce opportunities for crawling and scrambling through. 

Comprehensive Playground Inspection Service

The Comprehensive Playground Inspection is to establish the overall safety and condition of equipment, foundations and surfaces (NB: Kidsafe NSW does not conduct drop testing on playground surfaces) and is suitable for pre-existing playspaces and recently installed playspaces (Post Installation Inspections) to assess risks in the play environment. 


Kidsafe NSW is excited to announce that we have achieved Accreditation with the Quality Improvement Council having met the Health and Community Services Standards across multiple areas, including:
• Governance
• Service Delivery
• External relationships

Playspace Pick- Adventure Park - Fairfield City Council

South Western Sydney has a great new playground with some innovative features located at Fairfield Park. Adventure Park features a range of challenging, exciting equipment designed to entice users of various ages with a focus on catering for pre-teens and teenagers.

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