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February 2016
16 Feb 2016

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Farewell Bev 

Beverley Boland, has resigned from Kidsafe NSW to take on new challenges. 

Regional Visits- 2016 

The Kidsafe NSW Playground Advisory Unit (PAU) schedules visits to regional NSW throughout the year. 

Sydney Metropolitan Visits - 2016 

A Sydney Metropolitan Workshop is scheduled to be held in Liverpool on 20 July 2016.


AS 4685 Part 0 and AS 4422 – What you need to know!
As soon as the Standards are released – anticipated to be towards the second half of the year – Kidsafe will host a series of webinars on AS 4685 Part 0 and AS 4422. Make sure you regularly check your inbox and the Kidsafe website for announcement of the dates. WATCH THIS SPACE!

2016 Kidsafe National Playspace Design Awards 

Start preparing your entry for the 2016 Kidsafe National Playspace Design Awards! Entries open early April and can be submitted by service providers, design professionals, students, landscape contractors and playground providers/owners across Australia. 

The Importance of a Playground Inspection 

Regular playground safety inspections assist playground owners and operators to manage maintenance schedules, identify potential hazards and provide a playground that is as safe as practicable. 

Standards Update 

Standards Australia has two draft standards open for public comment:
•AS4685 Part 0 Playground equipment and surfacing- Development, installation, inspection, maintenance and operation public comment closes 16 March 2016, and
•AS4422 Playground Surfacing- Specifications, requirements and test methods: Public comment closes 6 April 2016


Labyrinths in Playspaces  

A labyrinth is a pathway, twisting and curving, that leads to the centre. It consists of a single meandering pathway which leads from the entrance to the centre, and back out again.


Risk in Playgrounds 

Kidsafe is all about creating and promoting great places for children to play. This is so important especially with increasing community concern over our children’s’ health and wellbeing. 

Logo Source: Service NSW
Logo Source: Service NSW

NSW Graffiti Hotline 

Graffiti vandalism is not just unsightly. It can also reduce people’s sense of safety by:
•giving the impression that nobody cares about the affected area
•attracting further crime and delinquency to that place.

Protecting Children from Burns and Scalds in the Playground 

In the Australian climate playground equipment and surfacing can heat up rapidly and retain heat. This can cause serious burns and scalds to skin upon contact. 

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