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April 2017 Holiday Edition Newsletter
10 Apr 2017

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You’ve changed your clocks – have you changed your smoke alarm battery?

Smoke alarms save lives and NSW law says that in every house, dwelling or caravan a smoke alarm is required. 

Safe holiday travel

School holidays are a great time to pile in the car and seek an adventure! Be sure to plan to drive at times when you would normally be awake and alert to ensure you arrive safely. 

Farm stays

A favourite holiday adventure is to take the family to a Farm Stay. 

Boating safety

Boating is a great recreational activity that can be enjoyed by the whole family. 

The hunt is on!

Do your children love to hunt for eggs and other treats left for them by the Easter Bunny? 

Toppling furniture

Serious injury and death to small children can be prevented by securing furniture to walls and floors. 

Safe travel for newborns

Does your child’s car seat harness fit correctly? 

Kidsafe safety demonstration house tours

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