Kidsafe NSW promotes child injury prevention and education in an effort to preserve and protect the lives of our children.

Education and Care Services

Is Your Playground Up To Standard?

Playground Safety Inspection Services

Kidsafe NSW promotes the importance of children experiencing and learning about risk through safe, creative play. The expert team at Kidsafe NSW provides design and assessment advice to create playgrounds that offer a balance between safety and challenge.

A Comprehensive Playground Safety Inspection will assist education and care services to fulfil their obligations as a playground owner by identifying hazards and non- conformances against the relevant Australian playground standards and, where appropriate, assist in meeting regulatory requirements.

The benefits:
- Independent inspection to Australian playground standards.

- Written report which includes:

  • Non-conformances are identified and risk assessed according to AS/NZS ISO 31000;
  • Recommendations on how to rectify non-conformances;
  • Design recommendations to transform the playspace into something very special as required by the National Quality Standard (NQS) for Early Childhood Education and Care and School Age Care  -  Outdoor and indoor spaces are organised and adapted to support every child’s participation and to engage every child in quality experiences in both built and natural environments.

    (QA3 – 3.2.1). Additional fee applies. 

  • Suggestions on recommended ‘best practice’ based on the diverse knowledge from the Kidsafe NSW team and current research and trends on safe creative play;

- The report can be used to support applications for funding and playground improvement/upgrade and may assist services to achieve a rating of high quality for elements under the NQS.

Education and Care Services National Regulation 2011

The Regulation states -

  • Cl 103 (1) - The approved provider of an education and care service must ensure that the education and care service premises and all equipment and furniture used in providing the education and care service are safe, clean and in good repair.
  • Cl 105 - The approved provider of an education and care service must ensure that each child being educated and cared for by the education and care service has access to sufficient furniture, materials and developmentally appropriate equipment suitable for the education and care of that child.

The Playground Advisory Unit (PAU) is available to education and care services for inspection, maintenance, design and planning advice for existing and new playspaces. Please do not hesitate to contact the PAU on 02 9845 0890.

Publications and Resources
A “must have” resource for Education and Care Services. Click here to order a copy.

Available to assist playspace owners regarding playground safety and design:

Click here to order a publication.

Click here to view the Kidsafe 2018 Playspace Design Awards winning entries for Children's Services.

Home Based Education and Care Services (eg. Family Day Care)

Kidsafe NSW has developed a 2 hour workshop to assist educators, education development officers and schemes to achieve safe and creative backyard play environments.  Click here for information.

The Kidsafe Family Day Care Safety Guidelines assists educators, coordinators and schemes to achieve a minimum level of safety in the care environment. Currently under review, due to be launched late 2019, contact the Kidsafe office for any Family Day Care enquiries 9845 0890.

Toddler Trampoline with Safety Handle

When using this type of trampoline ensure that the recommended safety guidelines are followed. Whilst the handle offers support for a young child learning to use a trampoline there is concern that injury could occur if the child were to fall on the handle.  Click here to download the Kidsafe NSW information sheet titled Trampolines.

Shade Requirements for Education and Care Services

Providing adequate shade is an important element in any children's service sun protection strategy. Contact the Cancer Council NSW for assistance with conducting a shade audit and developing a Sun Smart policy for your service.

Fencing in Education and Care Services

The Building Code of Australia (BCA) requires that fencing surrounding education and care services meets the fencing requirements for pools. Minimum height for boundary fencing is 1800mm and all other fencing a minimum height of 1200mm. The gaps between pickets a maximum of 100mm.

Kidsafe NSW recommends that services contact their local Council to discuss fencing requirements as per the Council's Development Control Plan.

Click here to download the Kidsafe NSW information sheet titled Fencing Playspaces

Kidsafe NSW provides information to children's service providers regarding suitable fencing. Contact the Playground Advisory Unit on 02 9845 0890.

Child gardeningPotting Mix

Potting mix may contain bacteria that are harmful to adults and children. When using potting mix Kidsafe NSW recommends:

  • Purchase a product that complies with the Australian Standard (AS 3743);
  • Read the manufacturer’s instructions printed on the bag before you use the mix.
  • Before exposing the potting mix to children, be careful not to inhale airborne particles. Wear a paper mask that fits over your nose and mouth. Open the bag slowly. Dampen the mix with a light spray of water to reduce the risk of airborne particles.
  • Always wear gloves when handling potting mix. Rinse or dispose of gloves afterwards.
  • If children are using the potting mix, provide children with adequate fitting gloves if available. Alternatively, encourage children to use tools (such as a trowel, spade or old spoon).
  • Wash hands thoroughly with soap and water after using potting mix.
  • Store potting mix securely away from children.
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