Kidsafe NSW promotes child injury prevention and education in an effort to preserve and protect the lives of our children.

Playground Standards

Australian Standards for Playgrounds

Listed below are the current Australian Standards for Playgrounds and Playground Equipment. Kidsafe NSW provides information and interpretation of the Standards. Australian Standards are copyrighted and can be purchased from SAI Global.

  • Australian Standard AS 4685 Playground equipment and surfacing

Part 0: 2017 – Development, installation, inspection, maintenance and operation  
Part 1: 2021 – General safety requirements & test methods  NEW! 
Part 2: 2021 – Additional specific safety requirements & test methods for swings NEW! 
Part 3: 2021 - Additional specific safety requirements & test methods for slides NEW! 
Part 4: 2021 - Additional specific safety requirements & test methods for runways NEW! 
Part 5: 2021 - Additional specific requirements & test methods for carousels NEW! 
Part 6: 2021 - Additional specific requirements & test methods for rocking equipment NEW! 
Part 11: 2014 - Additional specific safety requirements & test methods for spatial networks

  • Australian Standard AS 4422: 2016 Playground surfacing - Specifications, requirements and test method
  • Australian Standard AS 1428: Design for access and mobility

Part 1 - General requirements for access - New building work
Part 2 - Enhanced and additional requirements - Building and facilities
Part 3 - Requirements for children and adolescents with physical disabilities
Part 4 - Means to assist the orientation of people with vision impairment – Tactile ground surface indicators
Part 5 - Communication for people who are deaf or hearing impaired

  • AS 16630:2021 Permanently installed outdoor   fitness equipment - Safety requirements and test methods  NEW!

  • AS EN 14974:2021 Skateparks—Safety requirements and test methods  NEW! 

  • AS EN 16899:2020 Sports and recreational equipment—Parkour equipment—Safety requirements and test methods  NEW! 

  • Australian and New Zealand Standard AS/NZS 8124 Part 6 (ISO 8124-4:2014, MOD) Safety of toys - Swings, slides and similar activity toys for indoor and outdoor family domestic use
  • Australian and New Zealand Standard AS/NZS ISO 31000: Risk management - Principles and guidelines;
  • Australian Standard AS 4989: Trampolines for domestic use - Safety aspects
  • Australian Standard AS 3533.4.2: Amusement rides and devices. Part 4.2: Specific requirements-Contained play facilities. 


For assistance with interpretation and use of the Australian Standards for Playgrounds contact the Kidsafe NSW Playground Advisory Unit on 02 9845 0893.