Kidsafe NSW promotes child injury prevention and education in an effort to preserve and protect the lives of our children.

Driveway Safety

Small children are at risk from moving vehicles in low speed 'off road' locations such as driveways, yards and car parks. While driveway fencing and improvements to vehicle design may be helpful, supervision of children is critical whenever a vehicle is to be moved - hold their hands or hold them close to keep them safe.

Tragically one child, often a toddler, is run over in the driveway of their home every week in Australia.

Studies have tested the rear vision of a number of popular cars and results show that there is a large “blind zone” behind most cars.

What can you do to keep your child safer?

  • Always supervise any children whenever a vehicle is to be moved - hold their hands or hold them close to keep them safe.
  • If you’re the only adult around and need to move a vehicle, even just a small distance, put children securely in the vehicle with you while you move it.
  • Encourage children to play in safer areas away from the driveway and cars - the driveway is like a small road and should not be used as a play area.
  • Limit a child’s access to the driveway – for example use security doors, fencing or gates

Watch this educational video developed by Transport for NSW in partnership with the Georgina Josephine Foundation and television personality Scott Cam to raise awareness about keeping kids safe around driveways.

The Department of Infrastructure and Transport has released a brochure on keeping kids safe in the driveway titled Driveway Safety – Are your kids at risk? Please click here to download brochure. 


Copies of the brochure can be ordered by clicking here.

Kidsafe have produced a Driveway Poster Don’t go if you don’t know

If you would like a copy please contact the


Click here for Keep Your Driveway Kidsafe factsheet.  

Kidsafe SA team up with Fitzy to explain the 3 important steps to keep children safe around the driveway - Supervise + Separate + See

To view the Scott Cam video entitled Driveway Safety- They're Counting on You, click here.

Further Information

The BITRE report Child pedestrian safety: "driveway deaths" and 'low-speed vehicle runovers', Australia 2001-10, was released by the Hon Catherine King MP at the National Road Safety Forum on 24 August 2012. The report is available from the BITRE website.

IAG Research has a Reversing Visibility Index which shows drivers how far they can see when reversing.   

For more information about Driveway Safety visit the following websites: