Kidsafe NSW promotes child injury prevention and education in an effort to preserve and protect the lives of our children.

Safety Product Orders

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  • As the ordering system does not have a shopping cart function, each item will need to be ordered separately. Register your details after you click on the 'Purchase' button to enable automatic completion of postal details etc. for each following order. Postage for multiple orders will be adjusted when the office has received order notification. A confirmation email will be sent notifying of final cost for direct deposit or charge to credit card.
  • Kidsafe cannot process orders for outside Australia.
  • Orders will be processed once funds have been received..

After placing your order, the system will automatically send an email "Purchase via Kidsafe NSW Inc." with order details. If you do not receive this email, please contact the office directly on 02 9845 0899. 

Door Finger Guard
Prevents children's fingers and hands getting caught in the gap along the hinged side of a door as it opens and closes.

Can be installed on virtually any hinged door. It easily detaches and can be reinstalled if a door requires maintenance to the hinges. Length of the Door Finger Guard is 2150mm. Width when stretched out is 210mm. Uses strong double sided tapes that can easily be installed and removed.
Door finger guards can be ordered in white, grey or black. Other colours are available, please contact the Kidsafe NSW Office for more details on 02 9845 0899.
*Additional cost for postage*
Once an order has been placed a Kidsafe NSW representative will be in contact to confirm your colour choice and advise on the postage price, before the order is processed.
Pick - up of this item is not available.
Our Price: $59.95 Details
Hector Tap Protector (Pack of 2)
Fit over tap handles to help prevent children from turning on taps, to reduce the risk of hot tap water scalds.

Our Price: $20.00 Details
Micky Ha Ha Power Point Cover
Stops children having access to plugs and power points, whether in use or not.
The clear rounded design allows you to see whether the power is on or off, without removing the cover.
The base fits snuggly around the power point and the top cover clips onto the base with two child-resistant catches.
Our Price: $15.95 Details
Children In Cars sign
Metal sign which measures approximately 45cm by 30cm- Do not leave children in cars. The sign can be attached to a variety of surfaces. Contact Kidsafe NSW for further details.
Our Price: $70.00 Details
The world's first electronic CPR sign, which can talk you through the CPR process. Suitable for Swimming Pools, Childcare Centres, Schools, Sports Grounds, Homes, etc.
Our Price: $49.00 Details