I Can Do This

5-8 years old

Your child is off to school, ready to take on the world and all that comes with it! They are inquisitive and curious. They will want to know how everything works.

As parents and carers we need to nurture their curiosity to encourage participation and learning. When they start school they will gain a keen sense and understanding of responsibility and rules. By establishing ground rules and routines you can build lifetime safety habits.

At this age your child will begin to refine basic movement skills such as running, jumping, skipping and hopping. New skills will emerge such as throwing, catching and kicking a ball and balance and coordination skills rapidly improve. Many children at this age have enormous amounts of energy and seek vigorous physical activity pursuits.

Communication is very important. A sense of logic emerges at this stage and therefore it is a terrific time to talk to your children about safety issues, how it can impact on themselves and others.

Social independence begins as your child starts school. They will be developing new and different friends away from parental influences. Practice reciting your family’s full contact details such as family name, address and telephone number.