I can do this! - 5-8 years old

Walking is a great way to be active and stay healthy. It is a practical and efficient way to get to school, the shops and other recreational activities. Walking may encourage you and your children to become familiar with your local community, increase social interactions and promote safety through experience. Talk to your child about stranger danger and identify safe places within the community.

Make walking a positive experience, and wherever possible try leaving the car at home and walk. Sit down with the children and develop a ‘safe route’ to school. Demonstrate road crossing techniques by insisting on using pedestrian crossings, correct use of pedestrian traffic lights and introduce them to the School Crossing Supervisor at school.

Children in this age group are not ready to be left alone around traffic. If you are unable to walk your children to school arrange for another escort or ask at your school about a ‘walking school bus’ for a safe, easy and social way for your kids to get to school. Encourage your child’s school to become involved in the Pedestrian Council of Australia’s “Walk Safely to School” Day. This is normally held in May each year.

For more ideas on safe walking: