Down Time

I can do this! - 5-8 years old

Small screen entertainment is becoming an increasingly large part of children's free play time. Such activities include the use of computers, game consoles and watching television for long periods of time.

Children may become less active and there are substantial long term health consequences such as obesity, poor posture, tendon strain and difficulties with social engagement. It is advised that you limit your child's use of electronics to no more than 1 hour a day and provide your child with the opportunity to explore the world around them and to be active and healthy.

Make sure your child is not exposed to violence on television and video games. Look for the ratings on television shows, movies and video games to assist you with appropriate choices for your child.

Provide alternative down time activities, including, reading, writing, craft activities and board games. These can be fun indoor activities that involve the whole family and friends.

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