Active Transport

Keen Teens! 12-14 years old

Active transport is a great way for young people to get around by walking, using bikes and other non-motorised vehicles. It provides them with independence whilst encouraging some incidental exercise - it's a “win win” situation!

Ensure your young person understands their responsibility as a road user and respects others and themselves.

Have your young person maintain their bikes and skateboards regularly and correctly. Perhaps they could do a bike maintenance course and show a younger brother, sister, cousin or friend how to look after their bikes.

Young people often respond well to enforced structure when it is complemented with open communication. Give guidance and set firm boundaries as to where they can ride their bikes and skate boards, and insist on using safety equipment such as helmets. When riding bikes children should wear an Australian Standard approved multiuse safety helmet that is correctly fitted to the child. And in the case of scooters, skateboards and rollerblades they also need protective knee and elbow pads.

Ensure they are aware of their legal responsibilities when using their bikes or skateboards in public areas. Be diligent and explain the reasons for the enforced boundaries. Children on farms often use a variety of transport options including motorcycles and horses.

For more information on bicycle safety visit:

  Kidsafe NSW - Bicycle and Small Wheels Safety 



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