Hanging Out

Keen Teens! 12-14 years old

Independence becomes an important issue for adolescents. Your child may develop new friends at high school, sporting groups and other activities. Making friends is very important for your child’s social development where they learn negotiation, respect, advocacy, socialisation and opportunities to challenge their physical, intellectual and social abilities. Establishing and maintaining friendships during adolescence can be turbulent and it is important to support your child through the ups and downs of friendship.

Adolescents “hang out” in a variety of locations, often in and around shopping and recreational centres. Set some ground rules so that your child understands the importance of telling you where they are going, how long they will be, who they are with and methods of contact if things don’t go as planned.

As your child becomes more capable and responsible you might decide that they are ready to be left home alone for brief periods of time. It is important to talk this through with your teenager and discuss routines, emergency plans and responsibilities. You might also be approached at this stage or in the future to host a party for your ‘Keen Teen’ and their friends. Plan this event together to ensure that it runs smoothly.

Insist on the application of sunscreen and wearing of hats and clothing for outdoor activities. You can reinforce these behaviours by role modeling sun smart strategies such as avoiding the peak hours of 10am-3pm and sharing information regarding skin protection from the media or websites.

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Reach Out



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