Keen Teens! 12-14 years old

Sport is a part of the school curriculum and is the basis of many break-time games. There are big expectations in sport that relate mostly to performance.

Sport plays a tangible role in many young people's lives at this age as some `drop out', some participate on a social level and others invest a lot of time and become highly competitive. The involvement and participation is ultimately influenced by the young person's experience. Negative experiences have a huge effect on their perceptions of sport and have the potential to discourage their participation.

Some teenagers will prefer individual activities for exercise such as bike riding, bush walking, distance running or swimming.

As adults, we need to promote participation in sport whether social, competitive or individual to encourage active pursuits and associated health benefits. It is important that young people remain physically active.

To avoid and prevent injuries it is important that young people follow the advice of the team coaches and managers and wear protective equipment. In addition, before games and training participants should drink plenty of water, warm up and cool down such as jogging lightly on the spot or around the oval/block. More intense sport participation should have specific stretching routines that will be lead by the coach.

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