Water Play

Keen Teens! 12-14 years old

Water is a big part of Australian life. Beaches, creeks, dams and backyard pools provide limitless activities for young people. Unfortunately there are risks to water activities. Knowing how to swim is a practical and responsible way of addressing water safety. It is very important that your child knows their own limitations regarding their swimming ability and moderates their participation accordingly. Accidents happen when young people overestimate their abilities and ignore warning signs.

At this age young people are likely to seek out independent swimming opportunities. Ensure that these are safe experiences by teaching your teenagers about beach and river safety and potential hazards such as understanding about rips, currents and tides; and not jumping from bridges or overhanging trees.

Make sure that your young person follows the instructions and advice of supervising lifeguards at the pool or at the beach, such as swimming between the flags at the beach.

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