School Rules

9-11 years old

Now your child will begin to seek out more and more opportunities for independence. They will have developed logical thinking and good problem solving skills which may lead to risk taking behaviours as they test their boundaries both physically and socially.

Open communication will foster a positive relationship between you and your child. Encourage your child to talk through their ideas and plan with you so as to guide them in safe and secure decision making.

As your child grows, their movement becomes smoother and more coordinated. They learn to adjust movements and begin to understand and apply measurement concepts by judging distances, heights and speed. Their movement becomes more purposeful and precise.

Encourage your child to develop their skills and test their boundaries in safe, controlled environments. Through play and physical activity, you can promote and maintain the healthy growth and development of your child. Being active is also a chance for children to release their built up energy which has been linked to positive behaviour and improved in-class performance.

Your child will be reaching the latter years of primary school and preparations for secondary school will start for you and your child.