Active Transport

School Rules! - 9-11 years old

Active transport refers to walking, using bikes and other non-motorised vehicles to get from one place to another. It is a great way for children to get around the local area and visit friends, parks and playgrounds. It is also a good opportunity for some incidental exercise to increase their fitness, improve their balance and coordination and practice their planning skills in getting from ‘A to B’.

To optimise safety, parents and carers should plan a route that children are familiar with and able to complete by themselves if over ten years of age. Remember that your child will continue to need some degree of supervision until around ten years of age as they develop their peripheral vision. Identify particular hazards on the journey such as reversing cars in driveways, and work out together the safest route including the best places to cross roads. Discuss the plan with your child and involve them in its development.

It is recommended that you travel the route with your child to ensure they are able to manage on their own and that they have a clear understanding of your expectations of their behaviour.

When riding bikes or other non-motorised vehicles such as scooters or skateboards ensure that your child wears the appropriate safety equipment. For riding bikes children must wear an Australian Standard approved safety helmet that is correctly fitted to the child. For scooters, skateboards and rollerblades they must wear protective knee and elbow pads in addition to a helmet.

Just as you look after your car, maintaining bikes and trikes is also very important. Regularly check their brakes, chains and steering. Your child may be able to conduct most of the inspection and maintenance independently and will require less assistance with more experience and exposure. It is advisable that you take your bikes for a yearly check-up at your bike shop; encourage your child to talk to the serviceperson so they learn how to properly maintain their bikes.

Children on farms often use a variety of transport options including motorcycles and horses. 

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