School Rules! - 9-11 years old

Sport may play a substantial role in many children's lives at this age. It is a part of their school curriculum and is the basis of many break-time games. There are expectations of children to perform to a certain level - games are graded, become more competitive, and involve more specific and enforced rules.

To prevent injuries in sport make sure your child listens to and follows the advice of the team coaches and managers. Ensure that before games and trainings they are hydrated, and warm up and cool down before and after play such as jogging lightly on the spot or around the oval/block. More intense sport participation should have specific stretching routines that will be lead by the coach. Necessary protective equipment will be advised by the coach and should be worn during all participation.

Remember that not all sports are for everyone. Encourage your child to try a range of different sports. They will develop a variety of skills and eventually select their favourites. Your child will more likely choose active pastimes when they enjoy participation and social experiences.

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