Fire Safety

The most common causes of house fires are:

  1. Unattended cooking
  2. Electrical faults
    • Faulty appliances
    • Faulty wiring
  3. Home heating
    • Fixed and portable heaters
    • Open fires and wood heaters
  4. Smoking
  5. Candles and oil burners

Most home fires can be avoided - here are a few simple actions you can take to protect your home and family from fire:

  1. Regularly check risk areas. Conduct a home fire safety audit
  2. Make sure you have a working smoke alarm
  3. Keep a fire blanket and extinguisher in the kitchen
  4. Teach children to be careful around fire
  5. Prepare and practise a  home fire escape plan
  6. Know how to get out of your house if there is a fire


Fires can destroy your most cherished personal items, your home and cause serious injury or death.