Safety on Farms


Rural properties can be wonderful places for children, where independence and responsibility is fostered, where family  relationships are strengthened, and where children are exposed to unique experiences. However farms and rural properties are both a home and a workplace, and children may be placed at  great risk when playing or helping out.





Quad bike information

As of the 11 October 2021 all new and second hand quadbikes sold in Australia must now meet the first stage of the government’s mandatory safety standard.

Quad bikes must be tested for lateral static stability, display the angle at which the quad bike tips onto two wheels on a hang tag at the point of sale, and carry a roll over warning label on the quad bike. The owner’s manual must also include roll over safety information.

Additionally, the quad bikes must be fitted with a spark arrester that conforms to the Australian or United States standard, and meet certain requirements of the United States or European quad bike safety standards. These relate to equipment such as brakes, clutch, throttle, tyres, drive train, handlebars and foot wells, maximum speed capabilities and the provision of safety information through warning labels and hang tags.

To find out more about these new standards and why they have been implemented please visit

Safework Australia data shows 152 people have died from incidents involving quad bikes since 2011, including 23 children. It is estimated that hundreds of people also present to hospital emergency departments each year as a result of quad bike related injuries.

There have already been 16 fatalities this year, double last year’s toll. Please be aware of these new standards, embrace them and help keep #kidsafe.

This short video prepared by NSW Workcover summarises the issues concerning quad-bike fatalities, the aims of the Quad Bike Performance Project, what tests and how they were carried out, and an overview of what information consumers in a workplace environment can expect to obtain from the project results:


Grzebieta R.H., Rechnitzer G., McIntosh A., Mitchell R., Patton D., and Simmons K., (2014). 'Investigation and Analysis of Quad Bike and Side By Side (SSV) Fatalities and Injuries', Quad Bike Performance Project (QBPP) Report 3-2014: Supplemental Report, Transport and Road Safety (TARS) Research Report, submitted to The WorkCover Authority of New South Wales, University of New South Wales, Sydney, Australia. The five major project reports are now available for public access. Thank you to the report Authors and project funders NSW Workcover and the ACCC