Safe Pool Barriers

Concerning figures released in the Royal Life Saving Society of Australia’s National Drowning Report show that in 2020/21, 25 Australian children aged 0-4 years drowned – a 108% increase on the previous year and the largest number since 2016/17

Swimming pools were the one of the most common locations where these incidents occurred (8), accounting for 32% of all toddler drownings.

Top 5 issues with pool and spa barriers

The top 5 faults or non-compliance issues which are important for all homeowners to regularly check and maintain. These include:

Along with a compliant pool or spa barrier that is regularly checked and maintained, Kidsafe is also reminding parents and carers that it’s important to take a number of other actions to help keep their children safe around backyard pools, including:

  • ●  Active adult supervision - for toddlers, this means having an adult within arm's reach at all times when in or around water.

  • ●  Water awareness - Water awareness and learn to swim classes can assist in helping children to become familiar with water, teaching them about water safety and learning how to swim

  • ●  CPR/First Aid knowledge - Kidsafe encourages all parents and carers to enrol in a CPR/First Aid course and to update their skills regularly. Doing so will assist in ensuring they are equipped to respond if an emergency does arise

For more information, please visit Kidsafe Australia’s pool and spa safety website