Kidsafe NSW promotes child injury prevention and education in an effort to preserve and protect the lives of our children.

Water Safety

Whether at home, visiting family and friends or on holiday, it is always important to keep safety in mind when children are in or near water.

Drowning is the number one cause of death for children under five. Drowning can occur quickly and quietly, without any warning noises.Sadly, on average, one child dies each week in Australia as a result of preventable drowning.Montana

Children can drown in shallow water:

  • swimming pools
  • spas
  • bath tubs
  • rivers, creeks and oceans
  • dams and lakes

Children also drown in less obvious locations:

  • nappy buckets,
  • toilets
  • water tanks,
  • water features
  • fish ponds
  • pets’ water bowls

For more information on water safety refer to the following Kidsafe NSW resources:

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Safe Barriers Save Lives

Kidsafe’s ‘Safe Barriers Save Lives’ Backyard Pool Safety campaign calls on all pool and spa owners to check the safety of their pool or spa barriers to assist in keeping children safe in and around water.  Get your checklist here!

International Women in Drowning Prevention

Kidsafe NSW extends warm congratulations to the eight Australian women who were recognised by the World Conference on Drowning Prevention 2017 in Vancouver, Canada as International Women in Drowning Prevention.  Among the Australian recipients is Prof Rebecca Ivers, Director of Injury Division at The George Institute.  Professor Ivers served as a member of the Kidsafe NSW Council for 4 ½ years Image result for rebecca ivers kidsafefrom 2012 to 2016.  We thank Prof Ivers, and all of these outstanding women for their dedication and commitment to reducing drowning injury and death in Australia’s children. 

Other Australian recipients include:  Jennifer Blitvich – Australian professor with expertise in injury prevention and risk management in aquatic environments; Natalie Hood – Australian doctor with focus on drowning physiology and treatment; Jo-ann Morris – Co-Founder of The Samuel Morris Foundation; Justine Leavy – Australian academic with focus on collaboration for evidence, research and impact in public health; Amy Peden – Researcher at Royal Life Saving Australia leading on non-fatal drowning and river drownings in Australia; Pamela Simon – National Learning and Development Manager at Surf Life Saving Australia; and Carolyn Staines – Australian researcher in forensic medicine.

For the full list of the 36 International Women in Drowning Prevention, click here. 

For more information about safety in and around water, click here.


Image source:  The George Institute for Global Health